8 day itinerary for Spiti Valley

Please check the introduction page for detailed itinerary and map. Here is a quick itinerary that we followed. The travel time includes time spent for refueling, eating, rest and bio-breaks. It does not include any time spent in sight seeing.
Day 1 - Gurgaon to Sarahan (531 KMs, 12 hours)Have a sumptuous lunch at Narkanda.Enjoy the ride and check into Sarahan. Day 2 - Sarahan to Chitkul to Kalpa (180 KMs, 7 hours)Visit Mata Bhimakali Temple in Sarahan.Go to Chitkul and spend awesome time near the river. One could stay here for ever.Check into Hotel at Kalpa, possibly get a nice view of Kailash-Kinner.Day 3 - Kalpa to Tabo via Nako (170 KMs, 6.5 hours).Visit Nako and check out the natural lake.Check into Tabo Monastery and visit the small market around it. Day 4 - Tabo to Kaza via Hikkim (90 KMs, 4.5 hors)Get up early and attend the morning prayers at Tabo.Get your camera ready for amazing vista's on route to Komic, the air gets heavy here.Send a post card from Hikkim post office !…

Spti Valley Trip - Essential Medicines

The Himalayan are tough and at times brutal. Here is a list of essential medicines that we took along for the trip, thankfully we didn't have to use many!

This list is generic in nature and may include some prescription drugs - please ask your doctor for advice and don't forget to carry any medicine that you regularly consume. We did find many drug stores along the way but once you go past Kinnaur everything starts getting dear.

Diamox - for AMS check here on how to use itAvomine -  To help with nausea caused due to motion sickness, read thisOkacet- (Cetirizine) for running nose, cold or other allergic reactionCrocin - To help with fever and achesCombiflam - To help with pain.Voveran SR - More potent pain killer.Coldact - To help with symptoms of common coldZinetac/Digene - For acidityBandaidsBurnolVasline/Lip-GuardHand Santizier Moov/Iodex - for sprains Thermometer - digital/unbreakable would be preferred.Roll of cottonDettol/SavlonBetadine2" and 4" bandagesSc…

Spiti Valley 2016 travel log

Back in April 2016 my friend Kumud Gandhi and I decided to do a trip together to the famous Valley of Flowers. As (bad)luck would have it Uttrakhand witnessed a massive cloud burst causing severe damage to life and property including the highways that we planned to traverse.
We had 9 days off from office, blessings from our spouses for the leave of absence from their lives, brand new travel gear and a packed back pack. Not wanting to waste this opportunity we decided to go to Lahul-Spiti valley. Ditching our bike+Trek trip we rented a car, filled our backpacks with lots of food/chocolates and went ahead.

We planned to travel to Shimla, reach Spiti through Kinnaur valley and then come back via Rohtang/Manali route. This route had few advantages over starting from Manali: The elevation gain is gradual when coming from Shimla and the body gets acclimatized much easier. Specially for some like me who is prone to AMS this was the sane choice.You do not need permit to enter Manali from Roht…