Spti Valley Trip - Essential Medicines

The Himalayan are tough and at times brutal. Here is a list of essential medicines that we took along for the trip, thankfully we didn't have to use many!

The views are awesome but try finding Crocin here!

This list is generic in nature and may include some prescription drugs - please ask your doctor for advice and don't forget to carry any medicine that you regularly consume. We did find many drug stores along the way but once you go past Kinnaur everything starts getting dear.

  1. Diamox - for AMS check here on how to use it
  2. Avomine -  To help with nausea caused due to motion sickness, read this
  3. Okacet- (Cetirizine) for running nose, cold or other allergic reaction
  4. Crocin - To help with fever and aches
  5. Combiflam - To help with pain.
  6. Voveran SR - More potent pain killer.
  7. Coldact - To help with symptoms of common cold
  8. Zinetac/Digene - For acidity
  9. Bandaids
  10. Burnol
  11. Vasline/Lip-Guard
  12. Hand Santizier
  13. Moov/Iodex - for sprains
  14. Thermometer - digital/unbreakable would be preferred.
  15. Roll of cotton
  16. Dettol/Savlon
  17. Betadine
  18. 2" and 4" bandages
  19. Scissors
  20. ORS packs
Have a fun and safe journey!